Guess what is Donald Trump's favorite hashtag in his first 100 days

Donald Trump‘s Twitter account has been infamous since long before he launched his presidential campaign, that started in July 2015.

US President Donald Trump has been in office 100 days as of April 29. On the occasion, micro-blogging site – Twitter released some stats about Trump’s use of Twitter. And guess what? Twitter found that the US President’s favourite hastag during this period was – #MAGA.

Now if your are wondering what dos #MAGA stand for? Then let us tell you it is the acronym for Trumps’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan. Apart from #MAGA, Donald Trump also used a lot of #AmericaFirst, #USA, #Obamacare and, because he’s just like a bunch of reporters on Twitter, #ICYMI.

The US President’s favorite words on Twitter are also straight out of a caricature. His most tweeted word ever since he became the President is “great”. The next work followed by ‘great’ is – America/American, followed by news/media. “Fake news” finished in sixth place, and “big” took home the ninth prize.

As one might expect, Donald Trump often included the @WhiteHouse handle in his tweets, followed by a tie between @foxandfriends and @nytimes. @FoxNews, @VP, for Vice President Mike Pence, @CNN and @POTUS are in the top five mentioned handles.