Donald trump's team asked a bakery to create a replica of Obama's inaugural cake

Donald Trump's inaugural cake looked really similar to that of Barack Obama inaugural cake that was made four years ago. Turns out, it was intentional.

If the now first lady of the United states Melania Trump plagiarised Michelle Obama’s  speech during the presidential election campaign, the President of United States Donald Trump has reportedly commissioned an exact look-alike of the inaugural cake from Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2013.

Pastry chef and Television personality recently shared a picture on Twitter pointing a striking similarity of Trump cake with the cake he had baked for Obama’s inauguration cake. The only difference was that he had not baked the Trump’s cake, However, while people might believe that it was a could be a huge coincidence, it’s actually not. Donald Trump’s team had asked another team of bakers called the Buttercream Cake shop to create an exact replica of Obama’s inauguration cake.

Buttercream cake shop took to Instagram to reveal that the they were asked to re-create the gorgeous looking cake. The further said that the profits they received from the commission went straight to the charity.

And of course, Twitter went on laugh riot after this unique revelation and #cakegate started trending in no time.

Well, either ways, the cake look scrumptiously delicious.