Meet Danica Roem, Andrea Jenkins: The trans women who just made history in Trump's America

Trans women Danica Roem and Andrea Jenkins just made history by becoming first transpersons to win seats in US elections 2017

Turns out, love does trump everything else. With state and gubernatorial (for mayors and governors) elections underway in New Jersey, Virginia and New York City, the Democrats have come out all guns blazing.

In Virginia, Danica Roem, an openly out transgender woman just became the elected representative of the House of Delegates. She winnowed out GOP’s veteran politician, Bob Marshall, who ironically championed the anti-trans bathroom bill, refused to debate with Danica and would not address her with the pronoun of her choice, ‘she’. Bob had previously won 13 times and served over 26 years as the state representative. He lost to Roam’s 54.59% votes with his 45.36% tally.

Before you point out, no, Danica isn’t the first transperson to be elected to a state legislature. That honour goes to Althea Garrison (Massachusetts) who came out as trans post the win.

Danica isn’t the only one from the LGBT community on the winning list. Joining her is the Andrea Jenkins, the first trans-woman of colour to ever win a public office in the history of the United States. Jenkins fought and won from Minneapolis’ Ward 8.

Andrea has previously worked with Council VP Elizabeth Glidden in the capacity of a policy aide. A poet, historian and performance artist, Jenkins is dedicated to the cause of the marginalised, irrespective of their gender identity or expression.

Twitterati, predictably, applauded the two and showered their full support to the elected policymakers:

Recently, in yet another win for the LGBTQ+, a federal court blocked US President Donald Trump’s ban on transgender military service.