UN pays tribute to Fidel Castro, describes him 'iconic' leader of 20th Century

UN President Peter Thomson pays tribute to Fidel Castro, calls him 'Iconic' Leader of 20th century.

At a memorial tribute to the great leader Fidel Castro who died on November 25 this year, the United Nations General Assembly President Peter Thomson described him as one of the most iconic and influential leaders of 20th century. This late leader governed Cuba for about 50 years.

The commemorative event was organized by Cuban Permanent Mission to the UN to pay homage to the historic leader. A number of UN officials and delegates attended the event.

The President of the United Nations General Assembly  went on to say that Castro’s efforts for a just and fairer world marks him as a “symbol of resistance and inspiration to the people” across the world. He further asserted that Fidel Castro had massive contribution in the “struggle of global south for independence, justice and development”.

Fidel Castro, the Cuban leader who led his country for close to five decades and defied the might of United States, died at the age of 90 last month. Castro’s death was announced by his brother Raul Castro, the incumbent president of Cuba on state television.

In his five-decade long political career, Castro became a symbol for resistance to the US, mostly during the Cold War era, when he almost triggered a nuclear conflict. After a gastro-intestinal ailment forced him to step down as president of the Latin American nation in 2006, Castro continued to make public appearances after handing over the reins of the country to his younger brother.