The highlights of Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump debate (in gifs & memes)

Trump and Clinton traded barbs at each other over their vision of future of the United States

The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton saw the two leaders trading sharp barbs at each other over their vision for the future of the United States.

The Republican nominee remained firm that he respects women and said he was embarrassed for the language that he used for women in a recently-released video. Trump attacked not just Hillary but also her husband Bill Clinton recalling his infidelities and calling him “abusive.”

Hillary, Trump’s no handshake moment

At the start of the 90-minute debate, the presidential nominees smiled but neither of them bothered to greet each with a traditional handshake. Though they somehow managed to end the debate with just a brief a handshake.

Donald Trump vows to jail Hillary Clinton if he wins US elections

Donald Trump said if he won the White House, he would put Hillary Clinton in jail for operating a private email server while she served as the US secretary of state. Trump said he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into his Democratic rival’s email use because she had endangered national security during her tenure as President Barack Obama’s chief diplomat from 2009-2013.

Donald Trump says ‘very embarrassed’ by 2005 video on remarks about women

A defiant Donald Trump dismissed the controversy over a video in which he made obscene comments about groping women calling it “locker room talk”. However, he admitted that he was ‘very embarrassed’ by the same. While brushing aside the accusations against himself over the video, he claimed former president Bill Clinton had done worse to women.

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton on Obamacare

After being largely ignored during the first presidential debate, Obamacare received a good deal of attention from Hillary and Trump on what to do next with the landmark health-care reform law.

Clinton acknowledged that insurance premiums in Obamacare plans have “gotten too high” as have out-of-pocket costs for health insurance customers. “I’m going to fix it,” she said. Trump shot back: “Obamacare will never work. It’s very bad.”

Face-off on Syria and ISIS

Trump says Russia has gone “wild” with their nuclear program but doesn’t mention any plan to fight ISIS. He adds that we need to focus on ISIS. However, Clinton says she does not want American troops on the ground in Syria. “I would go after Baghdadi. I would arm the Kurds. I know there is a lot of concern about arming but arming the Kurds would be a way of handling it,” she said.

Hillary and Trump on taxes

Hillary and Trump hit out at each other over the issue of taxes. Trump accused Hillary of raising the taxes, she refuted the claims.

“Hillary Clinton is raising your taxes really high. What that is going to do is going to be a disaster for the country,” he said. “Everything you heard from Donald is not true. He lives in an alternative reality. It’s amusing to hear someone who has not paid taxes talk about what he is going to do,” she said.