Thanks Facebook for reuniting 'missing' Kashmiri woman with family after 60 years 

Jehan Sultana was married off by her grandfather when she was 8-years-old to a man from Charsadda

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, same goes with social media. One often spends hours on the Facebook looking at the photos posted by friends and relatives. Many a time one keeps checking the page so as to know about the number of likes the photos posted of them have received. However, this time it helped a woman to reunite with her family after as long as 60 years.

According to a report published in Pakistan’s English daily, The Express Tribune, a woman who went missing for 60 years was finally able to meet her family all because of Facebook. Jehan Sultana, a 75-year-old woman was married off by her grandfather when she was 8-years-old to a man from Charsadda.

She was in touch with her family for some years but later lost in touch with them. Several efforts were made by them to find Sultana but could not find her. While speaking to the English daily, Sultana’s elder brother said he thought that his sister is dead.

Things took a turn when, Rahimuddin, a resident of the Kandaru village who runs a page ‘Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan’ on Facebook received a message from Indian Occupied Kashmir which was sent by one of the son’s of Sultana, Ziaul Haq. In the message, he asked for the assistance so as to find the family of his mother in Gorkoi Village, Upper Dir.

“I tried my level best to find her and was finally able to locate her brother who confirmed that his sister had gone missing decades ago,” said Rahimuddin. Sultana has six children: three sons and three daughters, all of them are Indian nationals. While, her husband passed away in 1987.