Sweden: Stockholm 'terror attack' kills 4, suspect arrested, PM says won't be cowed by 'heinous murderers'

A shocking 'terror attack' in Stockholm killed 4 after a stolen truck rammed into a departmental store in Sweden. Here's what we know so far

The Sweden police authorities have arrested one man on April 8 after a truck attack claimed four lives and injured over 15 in Stockholm. The incident took place after a speeding truck rammed into a busy departmental store.

According to reports, the people in the departmental store and outside panicked and started running to save their lives. It is also being reported that the truck used to attack people was stolen. A massive manhunt was launched by the police after the terror attack and the injured were rushed to the hospital.

A number of public places including the train station and the malls were evacuated post the attack. The parliament was also locked down fearing a possibility of another attack.  The Prime Minister of Sweden who termed it as “terror attack” affirmed that the country won’t be cowed down by “heinous murderers”.

“Today we have been subjected to a terrible attack at the heart of our capital. We know that four people are dead, more are injured and a whole country are gathered in grief, anger and determination,” he said adding that all action suggest that it was a terrorist attack.

“These kinds of actions will never succeed. We know that our enemies are these atrocious murderers and not each other,”he added.

The attack took place few metres away from the Indian Embassy.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned the terror attack and asserted that India firmly stand with Sweden at this time.