Saudi man divorces his wife for the most bizarre reason EVER

You'll never be able to guess why this Saudi man divorced his wife!

In a rather bizarre incident, a Saudi man divorced his wife for allegedly walking ahead of him. Saudis have noted the need for counselling services after a number of cases of couples divorcing each other for petty reasons have popped up. The man reportedly divorces his wife after she kept walking ahead of him despite him warning her several times.

The man who has not been identified reportedly told his wife to keep her step behind his. However, the wife allegedly continued to walk ahead of him. In another incident of divorcing for trivial reason, a man divorced his wife after she reportedly forgot to add the sheep head which is considered to be an important part of the dinner to the main dish while the man was hosting his friends.

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The wife claimed that her husband got furious after the guests left and lashed out her for embarrassing him in front of his friends by not serving the most important part of the dinner. In a similar case, a man divorced his wife for wearing foot bangles on their honeymoon when he had directed not to. On another occassion, a woman was divorced by her husband in Saudi after she refused to pay to heed to husband’s warning of not visiting her family without his permission. Another woman met a similar fate after allegedly spoke to her husband in a tone he did not approve of.

Speaking about the growing concerns of husbands divorcing wife for such small matters, Lateefa Hamid, a social consultant in Saudi Arabia said, “Families should educate their young men and women and encourage them to engage in psychological, social and religious awareness and education programmes that will protect future spouses from family problems”.

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Source: PTI