Russian Il-18 plane with 39 on board has crashed in Siberia

Initial reports suggested that the plane belonging to the Russian defence ministry had to crash-land due to bad weather conditions.
A Russian Il-18 plane with 39 people on board has crashed in Yakutia in Siberia. According to reports, the Russian Defence ministry had earlier said that only a few out of the 39 have survived. However, they corrected saying that 16 people have been injured and all of them had survived.
The security officials have also managed to evacuate the people. Meanwhile, the injured have been rushed to the hospital for further treatment.
“As a result of the accident, all passengers and crew members are alive. Sixteen individuals sustained severe injuries. Search-and-rescue helicopters have evacuated 23 people to regional health centers of Tiksi [settlement],” Sputniknews quoted the Russian Defence ministry as saying.
“The plane made an emergency landing at 4:45, 30 kilometers (18 miles) away from Tiksi. The plane had been conducting a planned flight from the Kansk airbase,” the defence ministry added.
Initial reports suggest that the bad weather conditions happened to be the cause of the crash. Out of the 39 people, 7 were crew members.