Pictures of Sikh men distributing milk to fasting Muslims in Pakistan is going viral for the right reasons. Know why

The identity of the Sikh men is not known, but people in Pakistan are happy.

The holy month of Ramadan is going on and Muslims all over the world are fasting, offering prayers, reading their holy book Quran and seeking forgiveness. Ramadan is also the time to show love and promote harmony. At a time, when communal harmony seems to be declining across the globe, a heart-warming post is going viral on social media in Pakistan, which members from the Sikh community distributing refreshments to fasting people.

Akss Ali Khan, a Pakistani, shared two pictures on Facebook of a Sikh man from Peshawar distributing packets of what seems to be drink made from milk. The user wrote, “A Sikh community in Peshawar is busy in almsgiving to fasting Muslims in respect of Ramzan. This is the true face of my Pakistan which you will hardly find on any mainstream media.”

The photos show Sikh men with turban handing out the alms. Fasting in this hot and humid weather is extremely difficult and nothing better than offering refreshing drinks, right?

Sikh men Pakistan

Sikh men distributing milk in Pakistan

Though the identity of the Sikh men is not clear and the reason is not known as to why they were offering the drinks, people are happy and claimed that it gives a good vibe. The pictures were shared on multiple food groups in Pakistan and the post has gone viral with people praising the Sikhs for his kind gesture.


Muslims observe fast from dawn to dusk and are expected to be involved actively in giving alms, good deeds and charity during Ramadan. And even in India, other religious communities come together and organise Iftar feast for the fasting people.

Recently, a temple in Kerala hosted close to 400 Muslims as well as 100 persons from other communities for an Iftar feast.