Pakistani man gives the sweetest surprise to elderly vendor who was selling garlands at 2 am

During the dinner, Baba Hameed told Usman that he was selling garlands to collect money for his daughter's marriage and was still short of PKR 50, 000

Every other day one comes across various stories which horrify us about the world we live in, but then the world also have kind people who don’t shy away from helping others and also go out of their way to help others. This gesture of theirs surely makes a difference in someone’s life. Recently, an incident took place in Pakistan which definitely restored our faith in humanity.

On July 14, Muhammad Usman an engineer by profession saw an elderly man trying to sell the garlands while it was raining heavily. Seeing this, Usman took the man, known as Baba Hameed to the Subway for dinner. During the dinner, Baba Hameed told Usman that he was selling garlands as he is trying to collect money for his daughter’s marriage and is still short of PKR 50, 000 (which is about Rs 30,000).

Usman then shared the story of Baba Hameed on ‘As If I Have Eaten’, the page that he runs with his friend in order to help people. After which the amount required by Baba Hameed was collected within two days Here’s the post that he shared on Facebook.

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His post on Facebook has got 31,000 likes and more than 8,400 shares. Around 500 people contacted them in a day just to help Baba Hameed. People went out of their way to help Baba Hameed, they found out the particular subway outlet where Usman took Baba Hameed to dinner and left their numbers.

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On achieving the target which they did on July 18, they posted, “We are glad to inform you all that we have already achieved our target for funds collection for “Baba Hameed”. We request people to stop remitting any further.We cant thank enough for all your support. We will post transaction records here later today and our next line of action.”

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