Pakistan will send 19 fighter planes to China! Know why

This will be the largest detachment by Pakistan Air Force till date

Pakistan will send 19 of its fighter aircraft to China for a bilateral exercise between two friendly nations. This will be the largest detachment by Pakistan Air Force till date. “There will be the 6th edition of joint air force exercise and Pakistan will send its 19 aircraft to take part in this bilateral exercise. This will be the highest number of aircraft sending by Pakistan to any country for bilateral exercises,” Pakistan Defense Attaché to China, Brig. Ahmed Bilal was quoted as saying by China Global Television Network. He also said that at the end of 2017, the two countries will again hold joint navy exercise, joint army training for counter terrorism and a joint exercise.

“Hundreds of soldiers will take part in these exercises and interact with each other. The joint training of the both the armies will continue nearly 10 weeks,” he added.

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Speaking about the current India China border standoff Brig Bilal said that both Pakistan and China will stand together to maintain regional stability threatened by India’s dangerous and negative trends.

He further added that outlook of border disputes between China and India and Pakistan and India are different but conflict dynamics are same.

He also alleged that India turned aggressive in recent past as it believes to have some support of world powers and consequently it could put the regional stability at the stake.

He also said that the current dispute between China and India at Donglang has changed the security situation in the region.

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Expressing confidence that Indian troops will go back to their original position, he added, “There is no way out, the regional stability has to be maintained and Pakistan and china will stand together on this issue.”

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