Pakistan Peoples Party claims its website has been 'hacked by Indians'

This is being seen as the counter attack by the Indian hackers after the Pakistan allegedly hacked the websites of Indian universities

A day after Pakistan allegedly hacked the sites of prestigious Indian universities like Delhi University (DU), Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT) Delhi, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) . Now Pakistan is claiming that the official website of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) was allegedly hacked by the Indian hackers.

In a report published in Pakistan English daily, The Express Tribune, the message on the website of PPP read, “Team IBH is back again on Pakistan government servers. You should have expected us.”

As claimed by Pakistan, the website of PPP has an image of Indian flag along with a post that states, “Stop barking for Kashmir.”

This is being seen as the counter attack by the Indian hackers after the Pakistan Haxors CREW allegedly hacked the websites of Indian universities. The hacking was carried out by a hacker group called Ind_C0d3r and Mr Sh3ll.


PPP (Photo: The Express Tribune)

On Tuesday, the group ‘Pakistan Haxors CREW – PHC’, took the responsibility for hacking the website of Aligarh Muslim University and IIT-BHU in Varanasi. According to users, the website of IIT-Delhi returned to normal after 6 in the evening whereas DU’s website was hacked for some minutes.

The main page of IIT-Delhi read “Greetings Government of India and the people of India. 🙂 Do you know what your so-called heroes (soldiers) are doing in Kashmir? Do you know they are killing many innocent people in Kashmir?”. “Take your murderers and rapists back home,” the post said.

“Just here to deliver my message to the government and the people of India…Security Is Just An Illusion. Pakistan Zindabad ” said the post.