Pakistan media trolls Indian reports of 'spy pigeon' Ghutarghoon Khan

RAW released photos of a Pakistani pigeon which has been detained for role in spying actives.

Pakistan media has trolled reports in the Indian media of a pigeon being detained at the border after it was found carrying a warning note to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Taking a humorous angle on the report, the Dawn carried a story saying that India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) released some photos that show Pakistani pigeon named ‘Ghutarghoon Khan’ indulging in various spying actives in and over India.

“RAW chief, Roger Binny, told reporters that the photos also proved that the Pakistani pigeon (code name: Ghutarghoon Khan) had been conducting spying missions in India for many years, maybe even decades!” states the article.

The article then went ahead to post pictures of random pigeons in different actions with hysterical and ludicrous captions.

The final image in the article, that has gone viral, shows a pigeon in a cage and titled “Ghutarghoon Khan apprehended and put where he belongs. The Republic of India is safe. Long live RAW! Ghutarghoon Khan’s final words: ‘My name is Khan, and I’m not a spy!”

Last week, a white pigeon with an Urdu inscription on its wings dropped in a house in Mukerian sub-division’s Motla village, raising suspicion that it could be a ‘spy’ from the neighbouring country.

Mukerian is 35 km from Pathankot, which remains on high alert after the airbase attack.

Last year, the international media had ripped into a similar report from India, where a pigeon with illegible Urdu message stamped on its wings and a small wired object around it was enough for residents of Pathankot to turn it over to the police.

(With ANI inputs)