Man pulls his pants down, warns to shoot restaurant owner for the most bizarre reason

An Indian-origin man went on to verbally abuse an owner of an Indian restaurant in the US. and the reason for will shock you

In a shocking incident, an Indian-origin man reportedly removed his pants and threatened to shoot the staffers of an Indian restaurant in Oakland because they allegedly put onions in his food. The man identified as Yuba Raj Sharma was arrested by the police officials after he allegedly got into an altercation with the owner of the Indian eatery.

According to a PTI report, the man was held for creating a public nuisance and allegedly making terrorist threats. The report suggests that the it all began when the man was served food with onion in it. The man reportedly came back the very next day in a drunken state. The owner of the restaurant, Ravinder Singh told the police that Sharma became agigated after he was not allowed to enter the restaurant in the condition he was in. However, Sharma refused to leave the restaurant and told the owner, “he was going to shoot him.”

The report further stated that the staffers called the police after owner noticed that Sharma was making “a motion that he had a gun in his pants.” Following which, Sharma pulled his pants down and hurled verbal abuses at the owner of the eatery. The police rushed to the spot and took him out. Ravinder Singh lodged a complaint after Sharma “continued to shout back toward the restaurant” and refused to listen to the police.

The owner alleged that Sharma resisted police arrest and was “dead weight” as police made efforts to put him in the car. Singh told the police that he was registering a complaint against Sharma as he “no longer felt safe in his restaurant and wanted to pursue charges,” PTI reported.

“He got into an argument with the staff because they put onions in his food,” the news agency quoted excerpts from the complaint as saying.

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