There's a 24x7 wine fountain on this planet. Guess which country has it

A new wine fountain has opened in Italy's Abruzzo which serves wine to public 24x7.

For those who enjoy gulping down glasses of wine, here’s some good news for them.

A new wine fountain has opened in Italy’s Abruzzo which serves wine to public 24×7 . And it’s free. Fontana del vino, as the fountain is named, has been installed by popular vineyard Dora Sarchese, FoxNews reported.

Dora Sarchese’s wine fountain is situated along a route known as Cammino di San Tommaso, on which Catholics every year undertake a pilgrimage to witness the remains of Thomas, who was one of the disciple of Jesus Christ.

The pilgrimage, known as ‘The Way of St Thomas’ is a fortnight-long 1,500 mile walk from Rome to the Adriatic. It is believed that Dora Sarchese was inspired by another wine fountain at the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

An interesting thing to note is that the wine fountains in Italy are not new, but they were only used for special events. A famous one is based in Marino, near Rome where the people are served free white wine from the public water fountains during an annual grape fest.

However, a plumbing error in 2008 during this grape fest led to white wine being redirected to the homes. As a result, people in large numbers who had gathered to acknowledge Virgin Mary in their prayers were quite disappointed.

A woman had told The Telegraph that she had placed a bucket under the tap in her home to fill water for cleaning purposes. To her surprise, white wine with a sweet smell poured into the bucket.

She went on to add that the news spread like wildfire and soon residents filled bottles with white wine.