It 'Rained Cash' On A Highway In The US. No, Seriously

It literally rained cash on a US highway on Tuesday after an armored truck’s door accidentally sprang open.
The viral video of the incident shows over a dozen people, driving on the Atlanta highway I-285, pulling over their vehicle to collect the ‘raining cash’

According to CNN, police estimate that $1,75,000 was spilled on the roads. By the time the police reached the spot, a considerable amount was missing. The Dunwoody Police Department has issued a statement urging people to return the money. “While we certainly understand the temptation, it’s still theft and the money should be returned.” Dunwoody Police said in the Facebook post.

Some people have returned the money after the post. Police are trying to estimate how much money is still missing. It is estimated that about $100,000, equalling to Rs 68,35,000, is gone, reported News18.
Police are going through the social media videos to trace the drivers who grabbed the money.