ISIS men dress up as women with lipstick, wigs get caught after some forget to shave beards

From lipstick to foundation to mascara ISIS fighter had everything on point but it was the beard which ruined his attempt to flee from the city

The atrocities being done by terror organisation, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is known to everyone. Many sex-slaves have shared the ordeal, the hell that they have to go through after being captured by the ISIS. A few days back, an Iraqi politician in an interview claimed that a sex slave was tricked into ‘eating her own baby’ by ISIS. But now more are more ISIS are taking desperate attempts to flee from Mogul.

Role of Iraqi army is commendable in eliminating the Jihadists from the city. Some of ISIS men are dressing up a woman to escape from the city. While trying to escape from the army, a jihadist who was dressed like a woman forget one important thing and was caught.He forgot to shave his beard.

From lipstick to foundation to mascara he had everything ‘on point’ but it was the facial hair which ruined his attempt to flee from the city. The photo of the man was shared by the Iraqi army. Many ISIS fighters are trying every trick to make a fool of Iraqi army but it seems that their attempts are quite a failure. Here are some of the ‘horrifying’attempts made by the jihadists.

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With each passing day, ISIS is losing its hold from Mosul, the city from which Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi declared his Caliphate in 2014. After a prolonged conflict, Mosul today is a ISIS free city.

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