Hillary vs Trump second debate: There was no winner tonight

Trump battles Clinton in second presidential debate in St Louis

Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump began their second presidential debate in St Louis on Sunday night.

The two presidential candidates will go head to head for 90 minutes at the Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, US, CNN reported.

Here are the live updates:

8:15am: The debate ends


8:12am: Hillary Clinton is a fighter. She doesn’t quit,she doesn’t give up: Donald Trump when asked to name 1 thing he respects about Clinton

8:10am: Respect Donald Trump’s children,they’re incredibly able & devoted-Hillary Clinton when asked to name 1 thing she respects about Trump

8:07am: Trump talks tough on trade and Chinese steel hurting American workers—but he bought Chinese steel for two of his last three buildings: Clinton

8:05am: Hillary Clinton is the single biggest beneficiary of Citizens United in history, by far, says Trump

8:05am: This is clearly the not the kind of people were hoping for!

8:04am: Many people are saying Donald Trump doesn’t have the discipline, temperament, or vision to be president: Clinton

8:02am: She calls our people deplorable and irredeemable. I will be a president for all of our people, says Trump

8:00am: The next president could appoint up to three Supreme Court justices. Will they protect Americans’ rights, or corporations’?: Clinton

7:57am: Clinton says what Trump has said about Blacks, Muslims, Latinos, Immigrants, and prisoners of war. He has never apologised for.

7:55am: Trump attacks Obama. “This country cannot take four more years of Barack Obama!”

7:52am: Twitterati are getting crazy over the debate. It seems like we’re back in high school!

7:50am: Trump’s hateful rhetoric is already having an effect on our kids. Felix’s mother wrote to Hillary about it

7:48am: In my administration, EVERY American will be treated equally, protected equally, and honored equally: Trump

7:46am: I stood up to Putin, will do so when I become President. Want Russia & Syria to be held accountable for war crimes: Hillary Clinton

7:44am: Hillary supports screening Syrian refugees but says that the country need to take in more. “We will have vetting and it will be as tough as it needs to be”: Hillary

7:42am: We have no idea who they are or where exactly they are coming from: Trump

7:40am: The tides are turning towards Syria and it’s not a pleasant view!

7:37am: We cannot let this evil continue: Trump

7:35am: Four hundred pieces of legislation have Hillary Clinton’s name on them. How many has Donald Trump passed?: Hillary

7:33am: With her (Hillary Clinton) its all talks and no action. She has a very bad judgement: Donald Trump

7:32am: I don’t know Putin but I think it would be great if we got along with Russia so that we can fight ISIS together: Donald Trump

7:30am: Trump would give millionaires (like him) and billionaires the biggest tax cuts they’ve ever had: Clinton

7:29am: Do you want the guy who lost a billion dollars in one year—running a casino!—to run the U.S. economy: Hillary

7:28am: We’re going to cut taxes BIG LEAGUE for the middle class. She’s raising your taxes and I’m lowering your taxes: Trump

7:27am: Hillary fires back. “The same guy who probably didn’t pay federal taxes for 18 years is OK raising taxes on millions in the middle-class. Sound right to you?”

7:26am: You Need both a public and a private position: Trump

7:24am: Focus is on the tax system. Let’s see who wins this round!

7:20am: This is going to be the great Trojan Horse of all time: Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton’s approach to Muslim immigration

7:17am: We are not at war with Islam and it is a mistake and it plays into the hands of terrorists to act as though we are: Hillary Clinton

7:17am: Our vision for America is a country where everyone has a place, including, of course, Muslim Americans: Hillary

7:16am: To solve a problem you have to state what problem is or say the name, & name is radical Islamic terror: Donald Trump

7:15am: Trump and Hillary dive to the deep end to debate on Islamophobia.

7:10am: Trump quotes Bill Clinton. Bill “clarified” what he meant when calling Obamacare a “disaster.” Actually “disaster” is pretty clear.

7:09: Hillary invokes the “W” card against Trump. Urges women to stop Trump.

7:08am: We must repeal Obamacare and replace it with a much more competitive, comprehensive, affordable system: Trump

7:07am: Trump questions Hillary on Obamacare. “Obama and Clinton told the same lie to tell.”

7:05am: I want to send a message: America is already great, but we are great because we are good, says Clinton

7:00am: Donald Trump reiterates his message to “Make America Great Again.”

6:58am: This is getting uglier every minute. Trump is fully prepared to take on Clinton.

6:57am: Nice. This is 1 vs 3 : Donald Trump asking debate moderators why they were not bringing up Clinton’s emails

6:56am: If I win will tell my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to look at your situation: Donald Trump on Clinton’s emails

6: 50am: Mine were words, His (Bill Clinton) were action: Donald Trump on the Trump video

6:45am: It represents exactly who he is: Hillary Clinton on the Trump video

6: 43am: I am very embarrassed by it, hate it, it is locker room talk: Donald Trump on the Trump video

6:42am: As expected the debate starts off with focus on #Tumpvideo

6:40am: The war is on. It is going to be “fireworks” today!