How Hillary Clinton lost the battle for White House to Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton won crucial states like California and New York, but it was not enough.

Hillary Clinton failed to make it to the White House, losing to her Republican opponent Donald Trump.  Her victory was emphatic performance in crucial states like California, New York, Illinois and Virginia. On the other hand, Trump emerged victorious in the all-important Florida and Texas before sealing Pennsylvania to finish at 288 as compared to Clinton’s 215.

Despite Trump gaining an early 128-97 over Hillary, the latter edged past him after being stuck for a long time at 109. At one time, she was ahead of Trump 190-171 before the latter won North Carolina to come even. Later, Trump was unstoppable as he continued winning one state after another. After a prolonged suspense while he led Hillary 238-215, Trump eased his path to White House after seizing Pennsylvania.

The opinion polls had predicted Hillary to win the elections. Her popularity among minorities and young voters also contributed to poll pundits siding with her. The New York senator received a shot in the arm after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) gave her a clean chit in the email controversy.

Trump managed to win the coveted election despite being embroiled in the locker room controversy. He had faced a severe backlash over the alleged sexist remarks he had made in a tape dated to 2005.

Clinton served as the secretary of state in incumbent president Barack Obama’s first stint.