Former CIA official calls Pakistan the most dangerous country for world

Continuous increase in terrorism, falling of the economy is a matter of grave concern for Pakistan

Pakistan might not be the most dangerous country in the world but is definitely the most dangerous country for the world, said former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official Kevin Hulbert, who was posted as CIA station chief in Islamabad. He warned that if the economy of the country continues to fall, the consequences of it would be faced by the rest of the world.

Hulbert added that the condition of Pakistan today is a matter of grave concern as the economy of the country is falling, there is a continuous increase in terrorism, it has the sixth largest population, and has one of the highest birthrates in the world. We even have serious problems in Afghanistan with its population of 33 million people, but Pakistan has about 182 million inhabitants, over five times the size of Afghanistan.

He cautioned about isolating Pakistan and said that maintaining distance from the country will not be of any help, in fact, the problem will get worse if we choose that path. Hulbert wrote in the Cipher Brief—a website for the intelligence community—that “it probably is the most dangerous country for the world.”

“There seem few levers to pull in Pakistan today, but if we pursue a strategy of containment or disengagement, things will only get worse,” he added.

In order to improve the conditions in Pakistan, the United States and Indian Monetary Fund have showered billions of money to the country since the US knows that if Pakistan breaks down, then it’s repercussions will have to be faced by the rest of the world.

“So, we keep throwing money at it, trying to steer them towards good behavior, and with only limited success. But, we must keep trying,” Hulbert concluded.