Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says he's not running for 'public office'

Mark Zuckerberg's personal challenge this year is to visit every state in the US to learn about hopes and challenges of the people. But don't worry he's not running for the office. Check out what he's up to

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg sets a new target or as he likes to call it ‘personal challenge’ every year. Last year his personal mission was to build Jarvis-like artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that would run his home (we’re jealous of him already) and this year he plans to go on a road trip visiting all the states in the United States. His mission this year involves visiting all the states he hasn’t spent time in to learn about ‘people’s hopes and challenges’.

“My personal challenge this year is to visit every state I haven’t spent time in before to learn about people’s hopes and challenges, and how they’re thinking about their work and communities,” he wrote in his blog post.

This might have raised suspicions if he was planning to join politics and run for the office.

“There’s a widely held myth that if people in other places just had better information they’d make better decisions. I’ve found this is generally wrong and the people I’ve met are rational,” he added.

But, he’s NOT (not yet at least!).

“Some of you have asked if this challenge means I’m running for public office. I’m not,” Zuckerberg wrote.

What he’s focusing on is gaining a ‘broader perspective’ of the communities across the States to promote equal opportunity at the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative and serve the Facebook community in a better way (aww!).

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Zuckerberg has already paid a visit to Ohio, Indiana and Detroit and interacted with recovering heroin addicts, kids at a juvenile justice centre and several community leaders who have turned abandoned buildings into a safe haven for kids. And he plans on visit other places soon. The idea as he says is to ‘build a new digital peace corps’ wherein people can come together and help each other.

“My hope is that we can help more people build positive relationships with people who expand their sense of possibility. I believe that if we do this, we will make progress on a lot of our greatest opportunities and challenges,” Zuckerberg wrote in his Facebook post.