Ex McDonalds employee tries to clean ice cream machine, finds this disgusting stuff inside

McDonalds employee allegedly got fired after he shared the "reality" behind the ice cream at a specific outlet he was working at

If you are someone who is a fan of the several ice creams served at the McDonalds you’re in for a huge shock. A man who claimed to be a staff member of the restaurant chain recently shared a series of photos that have will probably manage to ruin the love you had for the ice creams sold at Mc Donald’s.

The US man identified as Nick posted photos of the slimy, gluey, greasy and the absolutely disgusting things that came out of the ice cream machine. “This came out of McDonald’s ice cream machine in case y’all were wondering…” he said in a tweet that has been retweeted more than 13,000 times till now.

Nick apparently came across the mess on today he accidentally spilled some of the ice cream he was refilling in the machine. The man who has now been allegedly fired by the outlet stumbled upon the dirt inside the ice cream machine while he made an attempt to clean up the mess he made.

“I tried to clean the machine after I spilled it, so I pulled [the trays] out from the side. I was completely shocked by what I saw. I thought the machine would be cleaned regularly,” Nick told a leading daily. The photos instantly went viral on social media. While some collectively expressed their disgust, some lashed out at him for not cleaning the ice cream machine himself.

These are the pictures that he shared on Twitter

Here’s how the people reacted.

Following the stir, the China unit of McDonald’s released a statement asserting they were investigating what happened in their US unit and that they are minutely taking care of the hygiene and food security at all the outlets.

“We’re paying attention to the information being reported today online about U.S. ice cream machines. In China, ice cream machines used at McDonald’s restaurants are automatically disinfected every day at a set time to ensure food safety,” McDonald’s China said in a statement.