London terror attack: An Asian man in his 40s involved, says an eyewitness

In this attack, four people were reportedly dead while at least 20 others were injured

In a recent development in the United Kingdom terror attacks took place on March 22, an eyewitness of the attacks has revealed the appearance of the attacker. According to the eyewitness, the attacker is an Asian man in his 40s.

As per the BBC reports, the London Police have identified the attacker but didn’t reveal his identity in public.

The Police also conducted a raid in Birmingham on March 23 in the morning which is being supposed to have some connection with the terror attacks.

Earlier on March 22, a single attacker drove a car across the Westminster Bridge, near the Parliament in Central London, and killed two people and left injured many. Later, the car crashed into the railing outside the Parliament. The attacker ran towards the Parliament with Knife in his hands where he was stopped by the Police. One police constable was stabbed to death by the attacker who was later gunned down by the armed forces.

The BBC reports claimed that several shots were heard outside the British Parliament and the Houses of Parliament and the Palace of Westminster were in lockdown. In this attack, four people were reportedly dead while at least 20 others sustained injuries. The attacker moved down up to a dozen pedestrians on the bridge.

The metonym for the headquarters of the English Metropolitan Police Service, Scotland Yard, termed this attack as a terrorist incident. During this attack, the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May was also inside the house who was securely moved from the away from Parliament.