US Elections 2016: Donald Trump wins all important Florida

This state is massive as far as electoral votes are concerned

Republican candidate Donald Trump has won the all important state of Florida. This state is massive as far as electoral votes are concerned. The state has 29 electoral votes.

After neck and neck running through out the counting process, Florida has gone to Donald Trump. There has been up and down in the counting graph with minimal lead being gained by Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. Both the candidates have put in equal efforts to win the crucial battle-ground seat.

The Republican and the Democrats fight has become real intense. With 48.9 per cent votes, Donald Trump has won 187 electoral votes. Hillary Clinton has won 197 electoral votes with a vote per cent of 46.6 per cent. Trump has also won North Carolina and Ohio.

Meanwhile, Clinton has also won a few big ones. She has California in her kitty that has 55 electoral votes. She has also won New York that has 29 electoral votes.

This is one of the most closely fought elections in the United States history. Many opinion polls had ruled out Donald Trump as a competition. Trump had told his supporters to ignore the pre-poll predictions. The way election progressed, Trump stands vindicated. Trump has put up a very close fight and is in the race to win the United States presidential elections.