Donald Trump's Republican nomination began with Sikh 'ardas'

Donald Trump was nominated as Republican party's presidential nominee in July this year.

Donald Trump has been elected the US President, defying opinion polls which had predicted his Democrat opponent as the clear winner. He met incumbent president Barack Obama last night at the White House to discuss various issues affecting the country. Well, the news is quite outdated.

But, we are going to tell you something new. The ceremony in which the billionare was nominated as the Republican nominee, began with a Sikh ardas. An ardas is a Sikh prayer which is conducted before performing or undertaking a major task.

The prayer was performed by Harmeet Dhillon, a Republican committee member who is also a lawyer by profession. She took the stage, covered her head with a scarf and then explained to the Republicans the importance of the prayer.

Dhillon was recently elected as the national committee woman of the Republican National Committee in May this year. Prior to this, she was the vice chairman of the Republican Party’s California unit.

Donald Trump was named the official nominee in the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July this year, ahead of contenders like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and others. He contested the presidential elections against Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, winning 306 electoral votes as compared to her tally of 232.