White supremacist Ku Klax Klan endorses Trump via its newspaper

The Ku Klux Klan's official newspaper has put Trump on its cover.

While he continues to face depletion in poll numbers and charges of sexual assault, it seems Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump will face more troubles. The Crusader, an official newspaper of white extremist group Klue Klux Klan has put Trump on its cover, while the editorial endorsed the business tycoon for ‘reviving white supremacy’.

According to Occupy Democrats, the newspaper referred to Trump’s calls to ‘Make America great again’ and asked the supporters what actually contributed to the country’s glory. “America was great not because of what our forefathers did — but because of who are forefathers were, America was founded as a White Christian Republic,” the newspaper quoted further.

The website further states that it is false that Trump has nothing to do with the KKK. For instance, the Republican nominee retweeted 75 posts directly written by white supremacists. Besides this, Trump even invited white nationalist William Johnson as a delegate in California. Johnson represents the American Freedom Party, whose aim is to ‘protect the political interests of white Americans’.

He was invited as a delegate only when he signed a pledge endorsing Trump for the coveted post of US President. In February this year, Trump claimed ignorance when asked about KKK’s Imperial Wizard David Duke, who had endorsed him. The businessman even claimed that he did not know anything about white supremacists. After his remarks triggered widespread outrage, Trump claimed that putting on a bad earpiece resulted in miscommunication.