Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America

He has defeated the Democrats candidate Hillary Clinton in what is the most closely fought elections in the United States history

Republican candidate Donald Trump had made an appeal to his supporters to ignore the opinion polls that were predicting his opponent Hillary Clinton’s win. The voters have taken his appeal seriously as he has proven the entire world wrong by winning the United States Presidency. Donald Trump will be the new President of the most powerful country in the world. He has defeated the Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton in what is the most bitterly fought elections in the history of the United States.

Trump registered wins in Florida, Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, and Indiana which are massive states in terms of electoral votes. The Republican candidate’s gain in these states proved to be decisive. Among the big states, Hillary Clinton won New York and California, but that was not enough for the Democrat candidate to reach the magic number of 270. In the United States, a candidate that wins 270 votes out of the electoral college’s strength of 538 becomes the President of the country.

As soon as the counting began, Trump gained an early lead over Clinton. Trump won the electoral votes in Tennessee and Texas and extended his count to 149 electoral votes as compared to Hillary’s 109. When everyone had written Hillary off, she bounced back with win in California to lead Trump 190-171. But, Trump wrested North Carolina to narrow the margin. Hillary bagged Hawaii and Oregon to consolidate her lead. But Trump won the all important Florida, which has 29 electoral votes.

In California, Clinton got a massive 60.6 per cent votes. In New York, she won 60.2 per cent. In Florida, it was a close fight. Trump won the state with 49.1 per cent votes, whereas Clinton got 47.7 per cent votes. In North Carolina, it was a close fight early on but Trump prevailed when the results were out. He got 50.6 per cent votes against Clinton’s 46.7 per cent votes. In Texas, the second largest state in terms of electoral votes, Trump trounced Hillary. Trump got a comprehensive win with vote margin more than 9 per cent.