Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature

American lyricist and folk singer Bob Dylan on Thursday won the Nobel Prize for Literature 2016. He is known for anti-war and civil right movement songs like Blowin’ in the Wind and The Times They are A-Changin‘.

“Nobel Prize in Literature for 2016 is awarded to Bob Dylan for having created new poetic expression within the great American song tradition,” Permanent Secretary at the Swedish Academy, Sara Danius said while making the announcement.

“He can be read and should be read, and is a great poet in the English tradition he is a wonderful sampler, a very original sampler. He embodies the tradition & for 54 yrs now he has been at it,” Danius said while talking about the legend.

Dylan was Born as Robert Allen Zimmerman in 1941 and began his musical career in 1959 by playing at coffee houses in Minnesota. Much of his celebrated work dates back to 1960s when his songs chronicled the social unrest in the American society.

Inspired by the legends like Little Richard, Woody Guthrie and Robert Johnson, Dylan in his career spanning more than 50 years, explored various genres in the American traditional music including folk, blues, country, rock and roll, gospel, jazz, Scottish and even Irish folk music.

As a musician, Dylan sold more than 100 million records. He has also received numerous awards including eleven Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award. His name also appears in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. He also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama in 2012.

Apart from music, Dylan has published six books of paintings and his work has been exhibited in major art galleries in the United States.