Amid Protests, Thousands In Hong Kong Make Way For Ambulance

The ambulance was carrying a protestor who had collapsed

On June 16, an estimated two million protesters turned flooded the streets of Hong Kong to protest against Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam to oppose a bill that would have extradited criminal suspects to China.

Video clips showing a crowd of Hong Kong protestors calmly parting Sunday to allow an ambulance to go through have gone viral on social media. The videos which were posted on Twitter and Facebook show thousands of protestors waiting patiently and moving aside in an orderly manner to make way for an ambulance to pass, before they regroup and cheer. A protestor who had collapsed during the massive protests on Sunday, was being taken to a hospital.

The Hong Kong demonstrators are not only being praised for their humanity but also for keeping the streets clean. Footage of protesters cleaning trash left by the occupiers overnight has gone viral.

A similar video had gone viral in March in India when hundreds of festival-goers in Palakkad, Kerala seamlessly parted in a matter of seconds to make way for an ambulance.