#WorldWaterDay: Here's Your Recipe For Making Water

Checkmate, water scarcity

Quite often, we hear stories about the water crisis in some or the other part of the world. Considering the shortage of water, children are forced to learn the importance of preservation of clean water in schools. But let’s face it. Nobody’s into conserving things and thinking about the future. We gotta live in the present. And about taps running dry globally, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

But just in case you kinda wanna save the planet and also low-key enjoy draining your water tanks, you gotta know how to make more water. So, here’s your recipe for making this essential drink.

Checkmate, water scarcity. #GeniusSolutions #TrustMeItWorks #WhyDidn’tAnyoneThinkOfThisBefore