'Listen to national anthem and then watch 50 Shades of Grey': Twitter reacts to SC order on national anthem

The Supreme Court today ruled that it is mandatory to play the national anthem before every movie screening

The Supreme Court has ordered that the national anthem must be played before the screening of all films. The court also ruled that when the national anthem is played viewers must stand up. The national flag will be displayed on the screen while the national anthem is being played. This, the court believes will instill a feeling of nationalism and patriotism among citizens. The court also ruled that commercial use of the national anthem will not be allowed.

The Court also commented that too much importance was being given to individually perceived notions of freedom.

Twitterverse, as usual, has opened up a world of views and reactions on this development.  While many hailed the ruling, some expressed their reservations and many used sarcasm to get their point across.