Watch: Ladies, here are four simple self-defence moves that you must know

In a country where a woman feels like she could get raped any day, what better way to feel safe than know a few self-defence moves.

None of us are unaware of how every single day women around the country are subjected to sexual harassment, molestation and rape. While mostly this kind of violence is inflicted upon by men the victims barely know, it is not very rare to be subjected to an act of the sort by people we know and sometimes are in love with. Domestic violence and abuse are also not very uncommon. Law and order aside, isn’t it a little too complacent of us women to not learn a few self-defence moves that could come in handy, then?

A full-fledged martial arts or self-defence class might not seem very doable to most of us, given our work schedules or academic schedules or just making it through life in general. We must all have at some point in time wished we knew a few moves that could buy us enough time to flee form the attacker though, haven’t we? Worry not, Trish Hoffman has got you covered.

Trish Hoffman is a cop with the Albuquerqeue Police Department and joined them after ending an abusive relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Abuse inflicted upon a woman by the one she loves is the toughest to fight off and when after filing several police reports, Hoffman did not get help she decided to be a cop herself. She also runs a Non-Profit Organisation called ‘Women Against Crime’.

In this video uploaded by Refinery29, Hoffman takes us through four fairly simple moves to throw off any attacker and defend ourselves. The moves could easily be picked up by anyone with a bit of practice and honestly which one of us could not use a few self-defence moves, right? Allow her to teach you these simple manouevres in less than two minutes.

From telling us what to do when an attacker is close to us to how to get yourself out of a hold, Hoffman’s moves are easy to perform and indeed could prove to be a lifesaver if, God forbid, any of us ever are under attack. Honestly it makes no sense to sit around and not keep ourselves prepared for any man who decides to suddenly turn abusive towards us, sexually or otherwise.

So, watch Trish Hoffman and learn, ladies. Better safe than sorry, after all.