Twitter rips apart Robert Vadra for his rant on demonetization

Robert Vadra breaks his silence on Demonetization, gets trolled on Twitter

Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra gave his two bits on demonetization today. Vadra said that he doubts if the policy was correctly implemented. He also expressed his concerns for the rural citizens who do not have bank accounts and are not able to withdraw/ deposit money. However, his rant against demonetisation didn’t go down well  with Twitterati.

fdc08e62-f1c1-400f-8e9b-03776db20c48Probably, because this was the first time he showed his concern for rural people and farmers. Twitterati felt this concern wasn’t a result of his empathy for the poor but because of his relationship with the Gandhis and the Congress. Here are some hilarious #RobertVadraSpeaks Tweets that will leave you in splits!

1. They trolled his lack of credibility


2. The man with no self-identity speaks for himself.


3. The best analogy you’ll come across today


4. Raghuram Rajan likes this.

5. Robert Vadra is the one responsible for the farmers’ condition in the first place!

6. First world problems.

7. Speaking of good analogies….

8. It’s better to stay silent when you don’t have anything substantial to say.

9. Robber* Vadra

10 Robert understands the pain of the farmers

11 TOI likes this.

12 He knows about the struggles of farmers!

13 He probably took up farming as his hobby.

14 That awkward moment when you lose your Black Money