Three US states may secede and join Canada! #PostTrump

Are we looking at a fragmented America under Trump's presidency?

It has been almost a week since republican candidate Donald Trump was elected as the 45th President of the United States and the anxiety following his election is already at its peak.

The state of affairs is such that people from three states- California, Oregon and Washington (COW)- have filed petitions to secede from the union. The movement has gathered enough momentum such that maps showing the west-coast states including Nevada joining Canada are going viral on the social media. What’s more? The movement has now received support from Canada.

“Dear California, Oregon, Washington – I’m sure we can work something out if you want to join Canada, tweeted Canadian journalist Chad Harris.

“California, Oregon & Washington say Bye Bye! Nevada U2 :),” wrote Tom Hall.

And gradually others followed their lead.

Douglas Cole of Beaverton, Oregon even wrote an open-letter summing up the feelings of the citizens of the west-coast states perfectly. Take a look:

Even if secession doesn’t take place, president-elect Donald Trump sure has some tough time ahead of him!