Today in relatable AF: Cartoonist recreates everyday millennial habits and it's adorable

From her marital life, to her work life, to her love for pets, to basic everyday events, Alicia Souza's drawings never fail to put that smile on your face.

Freelance illustrator Alicia Souza needs no introduction. The popular social media star, who has 71.4k followers, is a former banker who was born and raised in the Middle East, and studied in RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. She has previously worked with popular accessories brand, Chumbak and later, started her own website. Making a career in an unconventional field isn’t a cake-walk and Alicia faced her share of ups-and-downs, but if there’s one thing her cartoons tell us, it’s that she’s great at persevering day in and day out.

Alicia’s designs and illustrations are all simple yet if you look closely, you’ll realise they’re pretty detailed ( and oozing cuteness). From her marital life, to her work life, to her love for pets, to basic everyday events you wouldn’t think twice about are etched out in her drawings – never fail to entertain, amuse and make you smile. Her cartoons are all about cute round faces, big round eyes, small lips curving in a smile, lots of cute animals, and lots of happiness. Alicia has come this far with her hard work, love for drawing and perseverance. She has more than 1oo k and  71 k followers on Facebook and Instagram respectively.

InUth got in touch with Alicia and asked her about her passion and  how difficult has it been for her making a name for herself in an offbeat field. Excerpts:

1. Please tell us something about yourself. What inspired you and when did you start illustrating?

I loved drawing as much as any other kid growing up, but I just never stopped. In my final year of my Bachelors in Communication Design, I realised I loved drawing a lot more and when I got my first contract job right out of University, I was hooked. I started getting odd jobs to draw but it was when I moved to India, that I finally started illustrating full time.

The smell of sharpened pencils…hmm

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An old process video. I promise I’ll try and do more.

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2. You draw quite a few animal inspired strips – any particular reason?

I tend to draw about things that happen in daily life and because I work from home primarily and my pets are a constant, I tend to draw about them a lot. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they are insanely cute and fun to draw.

Sundays be like

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Can’t. Help. It.

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Sorry I’m late! Have a wonderful Saturday!!

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3. How much time does the detailing from colour, fonts, graphics and characters take on an average? Or does that come easy to you?

It totally depends. I’m a bit impatient and have to do full drawings (unless it’s for client work that’s an emergency), in bits. But overall, a full coloured small drawing totally could take approximately an hour. I tend to think my style developed from my impatience.

Sorry I’m late! So here’s a process video (I draw on paper, scan and then colour on Photoshop)

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4. When did you start a website? How has the journey been so far?

We started the online store about a year and a bit ago and it’s been going unbelievably well. What I figured would be a side business, turned into something quite the opposite. I have to give all the credit to Saurabh, who is my partner and took this opportunity and ran with it, Also my little team who make everything run smoothly on a daily basis. It’s been so humbling from seeing the demand for my products to just the kindest mails we get on a daily basis. I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful window to open!

5. How difficult is it to make a name doing what you do? What advise do you have for budding cartoonists?

I think this field is hard but fulfilling. It’s hard only when you’re starting out. The rest of the game is about being consistent in drawing, diligent in delivering, brave to overcome personal hurdles, and just punctual in being on time all the time. That’s it. I think it’s the same with starting out in any other field as a freelancer too.

Just letting you know that these have come in! Preorders going out today and thank you so much for your patience.

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You can buy cute trinkets, accessories, and even home decor from Alicia’s website here


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