This gorgeous model's 'Barbie' like photos are driving the internet crazy

Real or not? We dare you to tell us which one's the model, which one's a doll. Model Duckie Thot's Instagram photos will leave your jaws unhinged.

Barbie can well be Duckie Thot’s middle name. Nyadak Duckie Thot, an Australian-Sudanese model, has shot to an instant fame due to her striking and flawless looks, but most importantly because she looks exactly like a Barbie doll. And no, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that in fact, Barbie looks like her and the similarity is such that if you keep a Barbie on one side and Nyadak Duckie Thot on the other, it would be hard to distinguish who is a real person and which one is a doll. Duckie’s looks and features are so perfect that they look unreal until you see her videos.

It was on Twitter that Duckie Thot posted one of her photographs with a caption ‘Ducks after dark’. A model by profession, in the photograph, Duckie is wearing a black and golden dress but probably you wouldn’t even notice that. Because, you wouldn’t be able to go beyond her face. The photograph has left everyone bewildered and many Twitter users wondered if she was a real person with some of them saying “I won’t believe she’s real until I see her in person”. We don’t blame them because Duckie looks so ravishing (not objectifying her, just being factual) that you just can’t stop noticing how her skin is so flawless, how each of her facial features are so so perfect that you just sit there and watch her in wonder.

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One photograph isn’t proof enough so, here are some of her photographs and videos:

What you see is what you reflect

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Black on black business support is so important. Thank you BET for giving us that platform

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Not just that, some people have been telling Duckie Thot how she’s instilling confidence in young kids who aren’t comfortable with their skin colour and how she’s making them believe that ‘Black is beautiful’. A mother of a 12-year-old young girl wrote to her :

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