Malaysian girl covered in moles aspires to be Miss Universe, and it is awesome

In the world of stereotypical beauty standards, this Malaysian girl covered with moles aspiring to be Miss Universe will give you much-needed inspiration.

While the world is busy defining the standards of beauty and attractiveness, here is a woman Evita Patcey Edgar Delmundo, who despite being severely bullied throughout her life for her moles is breaking all norms by confidently participating in Miss Universe pageant. The 20-year-old, who hails from Malaysia, was born with moles all over her body and dealt with the body issues and anxieties in her initial phase. But now, the woman is ready to take on the world and she hardly gives a damn about what you think!

During an interview with Elle Malaysia, Evita recalls her painful childhood of being a lonely child and being bullied as a “chocolate chip cookie” or “Monster” which led her to develop a timid personality and shrunk herself in her own shell.

She mentions that coping with her special skin was difficult and the lesson of self-acceptance came after a long effort of getting past the stereotypes and redefining beauty for herself. She even considered a mole removal surgery but Evita recollects that it was during a church camp when she was 16, that she truly learnt to accept herself and her gifted skin.

Evita enjoys a massive following on over 48k followers on Instagram who encourages her to keep her uniqueness intact and even see her as a role model for being so comfortable in her own skin.

She is currently awaiting the results for Miss Universe Malaysia selections for which she appeared on June 17. She says she has always dreamed of such a platform to showcase her newfound confidence, however, if rejected, she won’t be disappointed because there are many seas to explore.

Maybe, we all need someone like Evita to stand in the face of outdated discourses of beauty and shake it off in style.

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