This photographer travels the world clicking photos of women in gorgeous dresses

Travelling to the corners of the world and photograph women in iconic locations, this woman photographer is living the dream

We are all couch-surfers and as we browse through the multitudes of photos and videos on social media, it is only a rarity that we come across something that appreciates nature and beauty at the same time. Meet Kristina Makeeva, the photographer who has now. The girl who has been touring across Russia, Japan, Greece and lately has been smitten with Paris, has had some unique pictures to show the world. She is photographing girls with the uncanny contours and the beautiful layers of her model’s dresses that have made Kristina’s photo series an internet sensation.

A native of Moscow, Kristina is showing her creativity through her style and the dresses she parades these iconic locations in. From Tour Eiffel in Paris to Cappadocia in Turkey, to St. Petersburg in Russia, she is making a statement with her photographs with a model in gorgeous dresses. A girl in a dress is probably the most beautiful photo project which will make you yearn for both the location and the splendid dresses in which models her way through different continents. Her followers are all over the world, and each country has given her a fair share of recognition. The incredible landscapes only add to the flailing fabric of these stunning dresses.

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Kristina has nearly 178k fans on Instagram and has been known previously for her photo series of Moscow’s magic in winter.

You can follow her on Instagram: HoboPeeba

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