Mona Haydar's new music video "Dog" tackles patriarchy head-on but the Internet isn't smiling

Hijabi-American rapper Mona Haydar's must-see music video Dog has a love and hate relationship with Twitter

Mona Haydar went viral with just one song which was known for creating waves on social media as these Hijabi women decided to celebrate Muslim women. The song Hijabi (Wrap My Hijab) had caused a stir in the Muslim community.  Mona who is from from Flint, Michigan, felt that their community and more importantly her identity as a Muslim American had not been represented well and decided to speak out on Islamophobia. And with Mona’s first step into the rap world, it was inevitable that some feathers would be ruffled. Now, three months later, Mona has another song for the world

In her signature direct style, Mona calls out to the people: “If you think this song is about you / I don’t know what to tell you.” The video features Orange is the New Black’s Jackie Cruz and has Mona talking about the well oiled machinery, that is the institution of patriarchy.

The words of the song are calling out the male abuse of power, especially in the Muslim communities.

Say my voice is haram
Cuz you getting turned on
Boy you might need Qur’an
Boy you need to turn down

Mona managed to tread on turbulent waters, where few have gone before. She talks about 1 in 3 women in the world are dealing with abuse and she refuses to watch silently from the sides.


And then Twitter plunged in. Some praised Mona for defying the norms

And there are those who found her funny:

And those who hated her for it

To people accusing her of culture theft

And some questioned if her music was diluting the hijab’s essence


And then some people were unhappy with her choosing music, despite being a Muslim. Others argued that where was the viral love for other colored voices like Miss Undastood, comparing Mona to them and stating that she couldn’t rap even if her life depended on it.

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But no matter what you think, the rap is not a laundry list of complaints, but an anthem. Something all women can sing to themselves (because patriarchy is listening) on a rainy day.


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