This guy's Snapchat breakup rant comes in the form of the most hilarious puns

Everyone who has ever suffered heartbreak needs to watch this guy's epic ode to his ex-girlfriend

Anyone who has gone through a break-up would understand that it is not easy to get over that toxic ex. Despite the constant urge to call them again and the overall heartbreak can sometimes be too much to bear with. Fortunately, the internet has some consolation in the form of this guy who seems to have had a terrible experience. Breaking up has definitely not been easy for him. And in the age of social media, if forgetting about your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend is difficult, put it out on the world wide web. Azamuddin Mohammed who vented his feelings on Snapchat has gone viral thanks to his sense of humour.

Going by the username @AzamCollege, he shared his feelings in the whackiest way possible. Taking everyday things from his household and the supermart, Azam used puns to describe his heartbreak. These everyday items are equally the star of his small photo project and the captions have won the internet over. His breakup will be remembered as the most epic one ever especially since it has broken the internet with people actually quoting this masterpiece in the aftermath of this viral post. Thank God for screenshots, or we may have missed this gem altogether.

His Snapchat masterpiece can be viewed here as shared by 9GAG’s official account on Facebook:

All this keyboard but I am not your type

All these hangers but you don’t want to hang with me

All these lights but you couldn’t brighten up my life

All these cars but you drove me crazy

All these sofas but you are not comfortable with me

All these eggs but you cracked my hope

All these shoes but you have no soul (sic)

All these clothes but you still can’t change

All these weights but we didn’t work out

All these wires but we could not connect

All these games but you decided to play me

All these chargers but you couldn’t give me 100%

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I am sure that wherever she is, we hope she is smiling at him right now for taking the break up so well.

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