These devices that will make you love your iPhone 7 again!

Time to jazz up your iPhone 7

Apple launched its flagship device iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in India on October 7. The launch witnessed a frenzy as the people gathered outside the Apple Stores to get their ritzy new smartphone. Unlike previous years, when Apple used to begin its sales at midnight, the company started selling its latest smartphone at 7pm. Despite the timings, fans and fanatics had to wait in queues before getting hands on their favourite gadget.

While it’s safe to say that iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus represent the zenith of the smartphone technology, the fact that it contains only one port for charging and connecting the Airpods might seem a bit unsettling given our age-old habit of multi-tasking.

So to put an end to your iPhone 7 nightmare and help you get your life back-on-track here are three devices that will make you love your iPhone 7 again:


(Video: YouTube/Magbolt)

Magbolt is your one-stop solution to your charging and data transfer iPhone 7 nightmares. This magnetic connector not only allows you to charge your iPhone 7 but also transfer files at the same time. What makes this ‘super-connector’ unique is that not only does it support your Apple smartphone but it also syncs with your Android phone. And if that’s not enough, you can even connect Magbolt with your gaming consoles, car audio devices and even your windows phone! Priced at $9, it is available for shipment around the world.

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(Video: YouTube/Auxillite)

For all the iPhone 7 fans who cannot part ways with their playlist even if it’s for charging their swanky new gadget, here’s a device that will solve all your problems. Presenting Auxillite, a portable accessory that will enable you to charge your iPhone without having to compromise with your love for music. The best part is that you don’t have to bid adieu to your high-end headphones. Good news Auxillite just costs $9.

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(Video: YouTube/ildock gear)

If you are worried about the connectivity woes that iPhone 7’s single lightning connector has raised, we have an ‘all-mighty’ devices that will solve all your problems in a go. ILDock not only allows you to listen to music while charging your smartphone, but it also doubles as your you connect SD card connector, TF card connector and a USB port. Priced at $10, ILDock is the only accessory you need for your iPhone 7.