The votes are in! These are the worst first date stories according to the internet

Quora users share the worst first dates that they have ever been on and we can't keep from cringing

Almost everyone has had a terrible first date experience that they can never forget. From the over-friendly first date to the girl who can’t stop cribbing, from the boy who can’t shut up about his car to the girl who can’t stop obsessing over how she looks, these are the classic cases of people who can really be annoying, especially in the first encounter with their date. Whether it is a blind date gone awry or a first date that you had really looked forward to, these are the stories that will remain in your life. Stories, that 50 years down the line you may be able to laugh off. Maybe.

And then there would be the stories you would probably be taking to the grave with yourself since they can’t be mentioned to another living person.

Enter the bad luck wagon with tales of worst first dates ever. This Quora post What was the first date you ever had has people recounting the horrors of their first dates that went horribly wrong.

All innocently you approach the date, wondering what could possibly go wrong.

Here are the worst picks from the tirade of confessions that Quora users made on their worst first date encounters:

  1. When the boy isn’t okay with his height, how will he be okay with yours
  2.  When your first kiss on your very first date goes horribly wrong
  3. When your date turned out to be racist
  4. When your date “accidentally” falls asleep during a conversation
  5. When you can’t stop stomping her foot while dancing
  6. When your date won’t stop cribbing about everything under the sky
  7. When your date is inappropriate AF and you can’t seem to escape

How long before you realize? What is your the threshold?

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Whether it is the whiny person who won’t stop talking about how her life is a mess or the annoying person who can’t stop talking about his ex, these are the most unwanted creatures of the planet that you may have had the misfortune to date and that too on a first date. God bless the souls who have tolerated such atrocities. Amen!

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