11 'Delhi things' that leave outsiders confused. Read on

Thinking of changing cities? Delhi isn't so bad according to this Quora post

Moving to Delhi is a big step for many. People come to Delhi unsure about what to expect and uncertain about the city life. There is so much that has been said about Delhi, that it becomes quite difficult to choose between what to believe and what not to. You are excited and perhaps a little scared because you might have heard that Delhi comes across a little cold at first. You clutch your bag close to yourself, assuming that everyone is out there to cheat you, and almost sure that you will get mugged in your first week.

There is so much power, authority, influence, and information packed within the borders of the national capital, that it can make you feel a little unsettled and overwhelm you all at once. But do not worry, hear this one girl out who is all warm towards Delhi and gives you both hope and dread to survive in the city. Anangsha Alammyan, took this Quora post to the next level with her epic answers to the question: What facts about Delhi do outsiders not believe until they come to Delhi?

  1. The unbearable heat is not a myth, Delhi can get really hot.

2. If you think you may be spared during the winter, then you are wrong

3. You will understand what a crowd means if you go to Rajiv Chowk at any given point of time

4. You would have never seen such a glitzy street with all its decked-up halls

5. A lot of men will be happy to hear that the women in Delhi know how to live in style

6. The cramped-up houses is something that only people who rent places will relate to

7. If you haven’t tried Delhi’s street food, then you are in for a surprise

8. Sarojini, Lajpat, Janpat… the list is endless

9. Delhi isn’t safe, or is it?

10. Delhiites know how to save money!

11. The traffic rules aren’t so bad 

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What do you think is the best/ worst thing you heard about the city?








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