Tired of nosy relatives? This guy has the perfect advice on how to deal with them

This advice is best ammunition against those very annoying relatives you can't seem to get rid of

No one on this planet is as magnificently blessed with relatives as Indians are. We have aunts, uncles, maternal and paternal grandparents, first cousins, second cousins and cousins of cousins to account for. The parade of relatives enter and re-enter your life at their own will and when you least expect it. From the annoying super-nosy aunt who always looks over your shoulder to the ever-so inquisitive uncle criticising your life choices, it sometimes becomes quite difficult to handle the pressure of interfering relatives. There are only a few who happen to like all their rishtedaars but most of us tend to despise them and automatically wiggle our noses when we hear of their arrival.

Someone on Quora started a thread Why are Indian relatives so nosy, interfering and annoying? and while people were busy ranting with their own horrible experiences with their annoying relatives, this one guy’s comments became the highlight of the viral Quora thread. This guy Arjun, who goes by the description of ‘Interpersonal Analyst and Motivational Speaker’, decided to give some serious thought to the plight of afflicted souls who have been tackling unwanted relatives and their tantrums for the longest time. Arjun’s advice is applicable to all Indian families and beautifully sums up most of our feelings. 

Let us begin with the basics:

1. Don’t be too helpful when you know they may ask for more than what you can deliver

2. Feel free to annoy the s*** out of them, they don’t learn any other way.

3. When they force you for something, state your rejections very clearly

4. Another way to get under their skin is to tell them that they are getting old. (insensitive, but desperate times!)

5. Hide your things when you hear that a cleptomaniac relative is about to visit

6. Do not bid them farewell with the traditional: Hope you visit again! That baby can turn right around at you.

7. When they ask you when you are getting married, how much are you earning, etc, just Let Them Talk

8. Pretend that you are actually listening to them and you will take all their advice to action

9. If they are too busy irritating you with your shortcomings, remind them of an incident they are ashamed of

10.And the best advice of all: IGNORE

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So the next time you have a relative in town, pay heed to these things and you might just survive the day.

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