Internet has these 7 worst job interview stories and we are all nodding in agreement

Why no interviewer will admit to the crimes of such horrible job interviews that they have made people suffer

2017 has been a tough year. The economy is bad, there are barely any new jobs and even the interviews aren’t working out for many of us. From the endless hours spent in the waiting room to the mind-numbing wait for a call-back, the entire interview process can be quite taxing and may result in nothing even if you put in a ton load of effort. Add to that the rude Human Resources Department who wouldn’t quit making life miserable for you in the interview room. You not only have to look presentable but they’ll check, unbeknownst to you, if your shoes have a slight blemish or if your tongue has slurred a little.

We have all had that weird conversation in an interview room which every one of us would like to go back and edit if we get a chance. We have a million awkward moments that we can’t stop thinking about over and over again, trying to gauge what really went wrong. This Quora thread has Quorans confessing: What’s the worst job interview you’ve ever had?

So you have made up your mind and you want to take over the world, you are ready to switch jobs or are ready to take up your dream job, but wait first, the HR department has something else in mind for you to dampen your spirits.

Here are 7 instances that we are sure you can relate to:

  1. When your interviewer warns you against joining the company you are interviewing for

2. When food poisoning couldn’t have picked up a better time.

3. When the recruiter tries to pass the blame of a canceled interview on you.

4. When the employees of the company tell you to expect worse than unkept promises from your new company

5. When your interview becomes a battleground for a shouting match.

6. When your interviewer passes an inappropriate comment which has nothing to do with your skills.

7. When no one from the panel would pay attention to you.

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All of this makes you want to do the only thing that seems sensible right now:

Imagine the brutality with which these interviewers pour water on your dreams and don’t seem to care about it.

And you must not forget to take a bow when you make your depressing exit.

So while you are out there, hoping to shine in the interview, do not be discouraged by the likes of those who will bring you down, who are distracted to conduct a proper interview, or worse, are themselves uninterested to work in that organization. You can do so much better.

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