Women on Reddit recount the most horrible pick-up lines ever and we are gagging

Why can't men use decent pick-up lines to hit on girls? The Internet is baffled with this question

What is the weirdest pick-up line that you have ever come across? Every girl on this planet would have had the misfortune of being hit on by men with lame pick-up lines. Each one of them would have definitely shared their plight with their sister or friend behind the locked doors of a washroom and would have realized that it wasn’t anything unique that she hadn’t encountered. Lots of strange boys hit on girls all the time. Top that off with the occasional creep who chooses the awkward moment to suggest something inappropriate. The one-liners sometimes have some serious thought put into them. They have been brewed and cooked till they can be used on an unsuspecting innocent girl.

These are the most bizarre things any human can possibly imagine saying it to another person as have been told in this Reddit thread: What was the worst thing a man has ever told you in an attempt to hit on/flirt with you?

The women of Reddit did not take waste any time in coming out with the most ludicrous things a man had said to them just to get laid or get some brownie points for trying to be too cute. Here are the worst of the worst:







One pregnant woman was asked:

I was very heavily pregnant and a guy followed me around the grocery store asking me if he could please take care of me and my baby.

Another recounted the horrible repercussions of what happens when you try to dissuade a very persuasive man in pursuit

I was at a bar with one of my friends and the guy sitting next to me taps me on the shoulder and says that the bartender accidentally gave him an extra drink and he wanted to know if I wanted it. I told him no thanks, I have a drink. He told me he didn’t want to waste his money since he was charged for it so I told him to give it to one of his friends next to him. He then laughed and said ‘Why won’t you take it? Its not like I’m gonna rape you or anything, I promise its not roofied.’

And then this:

I had a guy tell me “you were a lot more interesting before you started talking” and then continue to flirt with me. I don’t know if that was an attempt at negging or what.

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From pregnant women who were told inappropriate things to single girls in a bar, no one can escape the disaster that is these men trying to desperately hook up with the opposite sex. No one is actually safe and the only way you can avoid these horrid encounters can be if you just don’t step out.


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