WhatsApp to introduce in-app YouTube playback in iOS app

WhatsApp is soo going to introduce a new feature on its iOS app that will let users play YouTube videos within its platform. Check out the details inside

What is one of the most annoying features that you have encountered while using WhatsApp? Probably a video link that you had to open in the YouTube app? Yeah well, watching videos on WhatsApp can get pretty inconvenient at times as the social messaging app doesn’t support YouTube videos yet. But that is about to change as WhatsApp is reportedly testing a new feature that will let users play the YouTube videos within the app.

Excited already? The word is that the Facebook-owned social messaging app is using the concept of picture-in-picture (PIP) view to let users play open YouTube links within its platform. You can either pinch the video in the PIP mode to expand or open it in a different section of the app to watch the video in the full-screen mode.

Furthermore, you can also hide the video in the PIP mode temporarily without interrupting the video to read the message in the chat window. However, if you change the chat window, the PIP mode will disappear automatically. Also, the video stops playing once you switch to another app.

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But there’s a catch. The update is available only on the 2.17.40 beta version of WhatsApp for iOS and there is no word on when the company will release a similar update for the Android operating system.

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Meanwhile, the company has finally released a bundle of new features for its iOS users. Apart from the pinned chat feature, the app has introduced support for all file types and the ability to delete multiple photos on its iOS app. Hope these interesting features make it to Android OS soon. Till then, Happy WhatsApp-ing!

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