WhatsApp on Android lets you pin upto 3 chats on top

WhatApp has another surprise for Android users!

In the recent times, we have seen WhatsApp testing a number of new features. From a much-needed ‘unsend’ option (we all have sent messages in the wrong chat window) to the font formatting options — bold, italic, strikethrough and monospace and the live location sharing option, the social messaging platform has maintained a steady pace in terms of innovating its platform. Maintaining its trend, the app has started testing another feature that will help you unclutter your WhatsApp message box.

WhatsApp has added a new feature to the beta version of its Android app that will let users pin their favourite chats to the top of the app. Users can pin up to 3 chats in the app, which includes both individual chats and group chats (goodbye confusion!). The update is available on WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.17.163 and is likely to be rolled out to the regular version soon.

To pin a chat, long hold the chat you want to pin and click on the pin icon which appears alongside the delete, mute and archive option. To ‘un-pin’ the chat, simply click on the pin icon on the contact. Long hold the chat and then click on the pin icon to ‘un-pin’ the chat.

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However, if you are an iOS user, you’ll have wait for some time as there’s no update available for the iOS version yet.