We asked Google 20 quirky questions and here's how it responded

As millennials, we are addicted to Google. From traffic directions to tips for losing weight, we seek Google's advice for everything. But do you know Google can not only teach you how to sing but also teach you how to cheat in exams?

Google is an interesting place to explore. It is like a pandora box that holds unexplored treasures. Not only can it take you to places that you have never heard of before, but it can also give you answers to question that you never wanted to know about. That’s the beauty of this search engine, your mind may run out of thoughts, but Google? It will never fail to surprise you.

As millennials, we are addicted to Google. We seek its counsel when we need to travel to places, we question it when we are confused, we even take suggestions from it when we need to plan a special evening for our significant other. Needless to say that for us, Google is a friend closer to us than a real friend. So, we decided to have some fun and ask Google some quirky question. Here’s what it had to say:

1. How to age gracefully?
Ageing is an inevitable process but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look pretty as you age. Interestingly, Google agrees. As you type in your query, it shows you links to a number of fitness and wellness sites that suggest options like mild physical exercise and using sunscreen as an easy fix!


How To Age Gracefully (Photo: Google grab)

2. How to get a job in America?
The United States of America is one of the most sought after destinations when it comes to working (especially if you are residing in India). Ask Google how you can move into your dream destination and it will give you a step-by-step pictorial description of how you can achieve the unachievable. Hint: It includes info on immigration scams as well!


How To Get A Job In America (Photo: Google Grab)

3. How to answer tell me about yourself?
One thing that we all dread (apart from the exams of course) is an interview. And describing yourself before the interviewer can be a challenge sometimes. Worry not dear friends as Google is there to rescue you. Trick? It asks you to stick to your script and focus on your key strengths.


How To Answer Tell Me About Yourself (Photo: Google grab)

4. How to solve cube?
By cube, we mean Rubik’s Cube. This one’s hilarious. According to Google, knowing your cube is the most important part of solving it (duh!) and then it’s all about the layers (talk about common sense, we expected better).


How To Solve Cube (Photo: Google grab)

5. How to approach?
Well, this one’s interesting. Google translates ‘how to approach’ as ‘how to approach a girl’. Guys, of course, would know! For those of you who still aren’t sure, there’s a Wiki how page too that gives a step-wise pictorial guide to help you.


How To Approach (Photo: Google grab)

6. How to ask questions in English?
If you are unsure about your language, Google can give you English tutorials for free. In case you’re still wondering– just reverse the order of the subject and the first auxiliary verb (time for some grammar lessons folks!).


How To Ask Question In English (Photo: Google grab)

7. How to attract a girl?
Guys, this one is for you. If you are having a hard time convincing the girl you had a crush on since 3rd grade to go out with you here’s what Google suggests– Be Awesome! (talk about pressure, but this is another level)


How To Attract A Girl (Photo: Google grab)

8. How to avoid sleep?
Ask anyone five things that they love to do and ‘sleeping’ would be on top of their list (unless of course, they’re a foodie). And if you have landed yourself in a situation where sleep is not an option, Google has some useful tips for you (even Google knows staying awake between 4 AM and 5 AM is a task).


How To Avoid Sleep (Photo: Google grab)

9. How to become rich?
Everyone dreams of getting rich but our plans don’t turn out the way they should. But why to worry when Google can be your financial guide? Key: start investing.


How To Become Rich (Photo: Google grab)

10. How to kiss?
For a people with an elaborate sense of humour, this one would sound ridiculously hilarious. Google can dub as your personal Love Guru and give you detailed tutorials on how to kiss.


How To Kiss (Photo: Google grab)

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11. How to dance well?
Are you planning to take your bae to a dance party but you are not sure about your dancing skills. Well, Google can teach you how to dance. What does Google suggest? Try dancing by yourself!


How To Dance Well (Photo: Google grab)

12. How to sing?
Do you want to rock the world by the power of your melodious voice? Well, Google can teach you how to sing. All you need to do is have the right posture, tilt your chin down and extend your vocal range. And yes, don’t forget to drink water.


How To Sing (Photo: Google grab)

13. How to gain weight?
Are you skinny and lean? Well, Google can help you gain weight. Trick? Eat more often, drink milk, use bigger and add cream to your coffee (some health tips there).


How To gain Weight (Photo: Google grab)

14. How to handle a wife?
Clearly, this one is out of bounds for Google as well. Instead of giving you some relevant results, it gives you a how-to guide for nothing (c’mmon Google, even we could have done better than this!).


How To Handle A Wife (Photo: Google grab)

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15. How to handle husband?
Google sure is funny. It has no replies when it comes to helping the husbands, but it will help the wives. What does Google suggest? Take a break from a negative conversation and be open to communications.


How To Handle A Husband (Photo: Google Grab)

16. How to sleep?
Weird questions have weird replies. Ask Google about tips to falling asleep fast at night and it gives you a tongue twisted reply you don’t want to read.


How To Sleep (Photo: Google Grab)

17. How to wear a saree?
Are you having a hard time wearing a saree? Don’t even think about asking Google as the responses are equally confusing if not more. You don’t want to get into the complicated lexicon of saree skirts and ‘pallu’.


How To Wear A Saree (Photo: Google grab)

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18. How to cut hair?
Are you planning to get a haircut? If you are, please don’t ask Google for a tutorial as chances are that you will end up looking like a silly cartoon character instead.


How To Cut Hair (Photo: Google grab)

19. How to cheat in exams?
Studies might not be your thing but that doesn’t spare you from actually studying. No matter what you do or where you go, you will have to pass the exams. Google is naughty and it has a perfect plan ready for you. Shhh!


How To Cheat in Exams (Photo: Google grab)

20. How to have an affair?
Google thinks differently when it comes to ‘having an affair’. It doesn’t have an obvious answer to your query (in case you had one) but the responses are equally irrelevant.


How To Have An Affair (Photo: Google grab)

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